Homeschool Curriculum

We are a commonwealth school not a cooperative group.
A group founded on a constitution that they collectively follow. Has a governing board that is elected by popular vote every May.
Cooperative Group
A group of people working toward a common goal that is owned and run jointly by its members, who share the profits or benefits.

As parents, we subscribe to the education philosophy expressed in Oliver DeMille’s book “A Thomas Jefferson Education“. In this educational philosophy there are 7 principles of a successful education. When implemented, learning occurs for any learning style or interest.

  1. Classics, Not Textbooks
  2. Mentors, Not Professors
  3. Inspire, Not Require
  4. Structure Time, Not Content
  5. Simplicity, Not Complexity
  6. Quality, Not Conformity
  7. You, Not Them

In describing our homeschool curriculum, we do not do a classroom education at home with pre-designed synthetic curriculum and yet we do not do un-schooling either. Instead, we enable organic learning, fueled by curiosity, where we inspire our children to explore learning in areas that are practical and relevant to their life, in other words, functional knowledge. This way they develop in all the areas of intelligence and develop into very capable leaders.
For our junior program  there is a theme that the parent mentors choose topics to teach every week based on that theme, and the interests and ages of the children they are mentoring. Our school is meant to supplement what you are doing at or or other classes.

This TedTalk, by a public school math teacher, addresses the topic of math anxiety in a slightly different way…