Homeschooling Programs for Elementary School

We refer to our junior program as ULA, United Learners Academy.

Here are our homeschooling programs for elementary school aged children. If your child or children are younger than 12, we have just the thing for you:

Learning Exploration for kids ages 1-11
Weekly activities – hands-on science, math, art, music, cooking and
other projects that center on our yearly theme.
Themed projects – every year we center our learning on a
different theme.
Park Play after morning classes

We have 4 “classes” for the younger ones:

  1. Nursery (ages 1-3)
  2. Core (ages 4-6)
  3. Sampling (ages 7-9)
  4. Transition (ages 10-12)

When you join our commonwealth we will place your child in these classes based on their age for a probationary period. Then the mentor and the parent will decide if that is the best class to suit your child’s needs.