Homeschooling Programs for High School

We refer to our program for ages 12 – 18 as USA, United Scholar Academy, or Scholars.

Our scholar projects are designed to help students learn the skills they need to be successful and productive adults. Skills like time management, organization, expression through the written word, and expression through the spoken word. Most importantly they learn that they have a unique mission in this world and that they need a great education in order to fulfill that mission. These programs are designed to be life-changing experiences that cannot be replicated on your own. Our youth enjoy being surrounded by peers who encourage one another and inspire each other. The youth will come out of our classes changed for the better, seeing the world through a new perspective.

Scholar projects for 2017/2018 school year:

• Sword of Freedom / Hero Project– This amazing class is designed to empower our current Hero Generation to form a link to the Hero Generation of World War II. Through getting to know these amazing men and women who won the War, they will learn what qualities Heroes have. They will see what is required of a Hero Generation, and gain a desire to emulate those individuals they study. Students will be mentored by both the living and the dead by hearing their stories, being invited behind the scenes, and coming to understand that each and every person has a unique mission to perform in this life. Eisenhower didn’t win the War. Churchill didn’t win the War. The man swabbing the deck did. The man who built the plane did. The women who put together the code breaking machines did. They all had their part in the ultimate victory, and it wouldn’t have happened without each and every one of them working together toward a common goal.

• Pyramid Project– A whole new approach to math and science focused on a holistic method. The study of the subject of truth; Its structure – Logic; Its method – Habits of a Scientist: and its language – Math. Learn how to use Logic, Science and Math in order to get to the truth.

• Shakespeare– Students are introduced to the greatest poet-philosopher of all time. In this class, students are challenged to read, listen to or watch 7-17 Shakespeare plays. They learn who Shakespeare was, his insights into human nature and many aspects of his poetry. They are exposed to the heightened language by performing a play at the end of the intensive acting course. In spite of the work, the students come back for more.
Shakespeare Project
Shakespeare Project

• Unleashing Your Voice (Pending 8 enrollment)– We are privileged to have Kathy Mellor as our head Mentor for this class. She has taught public speaking for 20 years. In this class, youth will have opportunities to improve their public speaking skills and to become transformational speakers. They will gain communication skills they need to impact the world in a dynamic way.


Our programs are based on the Thomas Jefferson Education model, which is also called Leadership Education. This involves discovering one’s mission in life and then pursuing an education commensurate to fulfilling that mission.